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to be nearly as sick as Manson, 'just a matter of degree'.Liquid Len - Ottawa, Canada When robert plant said that something else seemed to move the. I simply wanted to learn that song for myself. It was just a way for them to get media attention with their music. I dont think he was a Zeppelin hating b - Rio Vista, Ca Sorry if I offended you guys. Some would say occult means "that which is hidden." Well, it did indeed become hidden because there were power hungry people who did indeed want to use the power of the occult but don't want others to. Also Plant have a great voice, john p jones is great too, but very underrated. Lost her good job and her marriage was failing after 12 years total with her husband. The city has an overall strong presence in information technology based industries.

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Cowardly bastards, you should read the book, it's quite funny, they end up trying to convert you after dissing the greatest songs of all time!.Elysia - Hamilton, New Zealand o yeah and if the people at the bottom are correct, plant said that he was. If you feel like dancing you will listen to some dance music to get you in that mood. It's pretty funny how many comments there are on this page! Now, that said, I never liked Plant as much as guys like Jagger and Jim Morrison. I don't think theres a wrong meaning to this song, except possibly satan. I am a christian, the grandson of a pastor, i go to church twice a week and I strongly believe in Jesus. The fact that they all are also part of a coherent theme, makes it undeniably intentional. Are the words satanic? And as we wind on down the road Our shadows taller than our soul. All that matters that its a damn good of a song, and as far as i know, nobody i know has listened to this song and gone evil. He was just interested in that stuff efanie - Rock Hill, Sc this song is awesome dude but it is there greatest song by not the best song. It produces unclear noises, which can be interpretted as certain words if you want. If it so "clearly" says that, then why are there different versions of the "message"? Good People Regarding The Devil in Music Backwards Masking" is a Technical way to add subliminal, as in the case of ELO, "messages" into music tracks. I mean, maybe the "satanic message" is there and maybe it isn't. When your mind gets obsessed with something, you will find it everywhere.

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Example:Babe I'm Gonna Leave stant classic, it's about Aragorn taking his ride from Arwen, please, it was a burden on my back for a long time then i came to a conclusion, backmasking IS PUT there BY your n't believe me, go to a backmasking. Archived from the original on 17 December 2012. It would help the world greatly if you could contribute something positive to the world today, instead of frowning upon that which you do not understand. There's no doubt about that, but it's way too pverplayed.!Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc The lyrica are simply filler for the music. And just one thing - Mike from Clinton, Plant's voice CAN sing ballads and he rocks! 15 The Naval Museum is Sweden's national museum for the history of the Swedish Navy.

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